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Uses of Hypnotherapy - Sports Performance
You know the importance of training your muscles. But you should also know the importance of training your mind. It's no secret that elite athletes like Tiger Woods, Ken Norton (who used hypnosis training before his famous victory where he broke Mohammad Ali's jaw), and Nolan Ryan all used hypnosis to propel them to the next level.
If only you could capture and put in a jar that magical ingredient that makes the difference between those days when you're really playing well and those days when you're completely off your game.
It would be especially nice to understand those ugly days when you're physically the same, your skills haven't change, but you just can't perform.
Are there ways to help ensure performance under pressure? We have seen the great ones perform: they step up and nail the shot; they seen remarkably balanced under pressure. Yes, the ability to find your groove can be learned.
Looking at hypnosis in the context of learning a skill: hypnosis is like warm-up exercises; the "Finding Your Groove" techniques are the actual performance skill.
Hypnotherapy may be just what you need to do it.
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