Dr. Steven Roth's Bio
                                                        ** MY MISSION **
                             A better, happier and healthier world
                               through the enhancement of the self-worth,
                                                       dignity, potential
                                     and uniqueness of each individual
                                        and thus to the service of society.
                                              That is my ultimate Mission!
I educate people to create a wonderful, healthy life using the power of their mind.
My dental practice incorporates Hypnosis to ensure that I provide the most enjoyable relaxing experience possible at a dental office by reducing or eliminating fear, anxiety, pain, destructive oral habits (tooth grinding, gagging, nausea) and in many cases the use of drugs and anesthesia. I envision empowering a Dentist (should they choose) to improve and work on both the physical (the outer smile) and the emotional (the inner smile) sides of people.
Hypnosis is a technique that has been clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in the reduction of pain and anxiety but widely used to boost self-esteem and self-confidence, remove emotional blockage, fears and phobias as well as reducing or eliminating disease and addictions.
I intend to teach and train dentists and healthcare professionals on the benefits that will be derived from using hypnotherapy to improve both physical and emotional well-being.
1989-2011 - Florida Board of Dentistry                                                                                                                      
1989 - North East Regional Board of Dentistry                                                                                                           
Educational Institutions:
1985-1989 - Tufts School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA. – D.M.D. degree                                                      
1987-1989 member Ethics committee
1984-1985 - University of South Florida, Tampa, FL – Post Baccalaureate Program                                            
1982-1984 - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL – B.S. Zoology degree                                                                    
1980-1982 - Tulane University New Orleans, LA – Biology Major                                                                               
1980 Dean’s Honor role
2003 - Invisalign, Minneapolis, MN - Training and Certification               
2002 - American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Miami Beach, FL - Adv. Cosmetic Dentistry                              
1999 - Mid-America Orthodontic Society, Minneapolis,MN - Advanced Orthodontic Training                             
2003 - International Orthodontic Association, St. Louis, MO - Advanced Orthodontic Training                             
2004 - Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation - Sedation Dentistry                                                             
2006 - Seminar presentation/Coaching, Vancouver, BC, Canada - “Train the Trainer I”                                      
2007 - OCO Biomedical - Dynamics of Simple Implant Placement and Restoration Course                                 
2007 - International Hypnosis Federation - Hypnotherapist Certification                                                                
2007 - International Hypnosis Federation - Professional Clinical Hypnosis Certification                                     
2007 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Spiritual Counselor Certification                                                                  
2008 - Alchemical Institute - Professional Hypnotherapist Training in Alchemical Hypnotherapy                          
2008 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Consulting Hypnotists Certification                                                            
2008 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Hypnosis Mastery Certification                                                                    
2008 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Working with Athletes Certification                                                                
2008 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Hypno-Coaching Certification                                                                       
2009 - David Essel’s Life Coach Universe - Life Coach Training and Certification                                                    
2009 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Hypno-Oncology Certification                                                                        
2009 - National Guild of Hypnotists - The Magic of Memorable Presentations                                                        
2009 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Pain control and Emergency Hypnosis Certification                                     
2010 - International Hypnosis Federation - Medical and Dental certified Hypnosis Specialist                                  
2010 - International Hypnosis Federation - Advanced Medical and Dental Hypnosis Specialist                             
2010 - International Association of Counselors and Therapists - Master Hypnosis Trainer Certification                  
2010 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Advanced Pain Management with Hypnosis Certification                     
2010 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Complementary Medical Hypnosis Certification                                          
2010 - Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills - Immune System Coach                                        
2010 - American School of Clinical Hypnosis - Pain Practitioner Certification      
2011 - National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists -Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy
2011 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Rewire the Brain through Hypnosis (Hypnosis for Stroke victims)     
2011 - National Guild of Hypnotists - Pediatric Hypnosis                              
Awards & Presentations
2010 - International Hypnosis Federation -Award of Excellence in Healthcare Hypnosis                               
2010 - International Hypnosis Federation - Presenter at IHF annual meeting                                                     
2010 - American College of Dentists -Hypnosis in Dentistry” Table Clinic Presentation                                      
2010 - SouthFlorida Dental Hygiene Association -"Trance in Dental: The Uses of Hypnosis in Dentistry            
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007- Consumer’s Research Council of America- Guide to America’s Top Dentists 
     “Excellence in field of Cosmetic Dentistry and Healthcare Hypnosis”                                 
2011 - International Hypnosis Federation- Presenter at IHF annual meeting                                                         
2011 - H3 Health, Hope, Healing - Presenter at monthly meetings in February and March                                       
First presenter in history of H3 Health, Hope, Healing to be called to present twice.
Memberships & Professional Affiliations
 Holistic Dental Association
 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry                                  
 Wohler Research Group, Guest Member  
 National Guild Of Hypnotists
 American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
 International Hypnosis Federation                                          
 International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
 International Association of Counselors and Therapists